Dear Matt & Drew:


I wanted to take a quick moment of time to express my appreciation for your help in selling my home.

Because of my years of work professionally with the National Association of Realtors and the California

Association of Realtors I was concerned about the level and value of service I would receive in selling 

my home. My experience has been that listing agents work hard for the listing and then dissappear, only 

to reappear to collect their check.


My experience with you and your office couldn't have been any different! From day one you and your

staff hit the road running. At times it felt as if you staff anticipated my concerns and contacted me with 

suggestions even before I was aware of a problem. That level of service and professionalism is priceless!

I would like to mention an example of your skill as a Realtor and knowledge of the market that really 

impressed me. You suggested that I list my home for substantially more than my neighbors had listed

their homes for. Although I was skeptical at first, your marketing plan went into effect and made me

a believer. Not only did I sell much quicker but I also got above my asking price. While they continue

to try to sell their homes with another Realtor I am closing on my new home in California. You have 

shown that if you price a product correctly and market to the right customers you will be successful.


As you know I have no hesitation on referring you to our friends and family. You and your staff have

truly done a wonderful job. Please let me know if there is anything additional I can do for you. I look

forward to working with you in the future.




Scott Stohlton

OBU Finance Manager

Amgen Inc.




Dear Drew, Matt & Associates,


Thank you very much for listing and selling my home. I had an unique home to sell and I needed a top notch realtor as I had tried for 18 months with three other Realtors before and had just about given up hopes that my home would ever sell. Right after my first phone call your staff set up my listing appointment, photo tour, flyers and arranged home tours from many interested buyers. I appreciated so much the special interest your office took in my behalf.


You are all a great team with great results. I will continue to recommend your firm to everyone. I will greatly miss working with you all. 


Thank you also for the wonderful chocolates, You are the best and "above the crowd!"




Colette Thomas, Provo High School


PS. Thank you Linda for all the people you brought to my home. Thanks Matthew for keeping my blood pressure even. Thanks Drew for listing my home and figuring out what was keeping it from selling. Thanks Maggie for you kindness to me. The personal touch by all your staff was incredible. 





Dear Armstrong Flinders Team,


Thanks for everything on getting our house sold!


You have been phenominal to deal with and I just want to make sure you know you are appreciated very much. That was at times a very stressful situation adn you were always available when we needed answers or anything.


Thanks again - We will definitely refer business your way and use your services if we ever buy real estate in Utah again.




Aaron and Nan Kennard




Hey Guys,


I guess this is the end of the road for us. We have appreciated your expertise, knowledge and drive. Your staff has been unlike any other we have ever dealt with. We have shared your name with many and will continue to do so. When we decide to put our house up again you will be the one we call. 


Thank you so much for all  your efforts and hard work. We had more people come through the house in three months with you than we had with the other two Realtors in nine months. At least quadruple the amount of clients.


Thanks again,


Kim and David Holt




Being in the real estate industry as a Realtor, a managing broker, and a member of a senior management team for an international company I have a great appreciation to those Realtors who stand out from the many individuals who are in the real estate field.

My knowledge of Armstrong and Flinders and their team of professionals was quite in depth as I was for a while their managing broker. It was in this position that I was able to observe their operation in detail as to what they did on a daily basis to have the success that they have encountered in getting home sold.

Thus when the time came that I was in need of a Realtor to sell my home, I chose Armstrong and Flinders not just to be listed I needed it sold.

Matthew Flinders of the Armstrong and Flinders team did a superior job in getting my home sold. His skill in getting other Realtors to show my home, to write an offer, and to negotiate that offer is far superior than the countless other Realtors that I know.

The Armstrong and Flinders team as a whole handled the multiple facets of my home selling process with a professionalism that surpasses the industry.

Though I had the knowledge and option of choosing any number of real estate agents to list my home, I chose the Armstrong and Flinders team. Anyone can list a home, anyone can market a home, but what you have when you hire Armstrong and Flinders is a partner who will be there during the critical time of negotiation to get you to the closing table. It is in the skill of negotiation in the critical times of your contract that you want Armstrong and Flinders representing you. I would highly recommend them.

Please feel free to contact me should you require any future information.

Carin Camen




Don Bogardus

Salt Lake City UT


Matthew Flinders

Real Estate Ninja

Armstrong, Flinders & Associates
386 West Center
Orem, UT 84057



Dear Matthew:


On behalf of Keri and Myself, thank you so much for helping us find this home! 

We love the house and are thrilled with our entire experience. 

Having you and your team represent us was such a comfort through all the obstacles and challenges. 

Your honesty and candor was so refreshing, especially when it was something we didn’t want to hear. 

I have gone out of my way to recommend your services to others. It seems the Real Estate industry is flooded with inexperienced and self-serving people; it was refreshing to work with a consummate professional. 

Your knowledge of the market and professional connections helped us buy with confidence. Never have I made such an investment with such peace of mind.

The speed at which you sold my condo helped immensely in securing the new house.

I sympathize for those in this market suffering with lesser advocates.

We are so glad to have you on our side! 


Every person on your team treated us like we were your most important client. We knew knew would always be kept up to date with what was happening in regards to our home.

Matthew was amazing! not only is he knowledgeable about the marketing and paperwork and the negotiating process, but he has the best personality. Our entire family loved working with him.

We are telling all our friends and family about you guys! We already referred someone! We feel that our entire (all-be-it short) time as a client of AF provided us with what most people would say was a PERFECT real estate experience!

Mike & Pattie Huestis, Former Band Teacher, American Fork High

3709 Meadow Run, The Colony, Texas (This client would be happy to talk to anyone who would like to talk to them about their experience with us, Call for their number)


Drew & Matthew,

Thanks for everything on getting our house sold!

You have all been phenomenal to deal with and I just wanted to make sure you know you are appreciated very much. That was at times a very stressful situation and you were always available when we needed answers or anything.

Thanks again - we will definitely refer business your way and use your services if we ever get real estate in Utah again!



Aaron & Nan Kennard


To Whom It May Concern,


Before we turned to Drew & Matthew to sell our home, my husband and I had shouldered the burden of a double mortgage for over a year. First, we'd tried selling it ourselves, and then we turned to two other Realtors. But, after a year, we still could not sell our home and the failed Realtors didn't seem to even be trying. They never called us to let us know how many people had seen it, or to even let us know if it had been seen. In desperation, we asked Drew and Matthew to help us.


We were so pleased that they called us regularly just to let us know what was happening with our home and to tell us what kind of progress we were making. They consistently gave us feedback about what potential buyers said about our home. Our closing offer came in just 10 weeks and they successfully sold our home well within the limits of our contract time. We sincerely appreciate the way they helped us manage one of our biggest investments.


Ramon and Jennifer Cano, Spanish Fork, Utah



Thanks, Matthew
I work in an area where a single mistake could really result in a disaster - up to and including death!  Even though we double and triple check everything, you must always be extremely vigilant and question everything because some errors/oversights are not easy to see. I think that attitude carries over into the rest of my life and it's probably why I sometimes sound stressed when you call when I'm at work.  That's also why it has been such a joy to work with someone like you because I feel I can trust you to look out for our interests and the details of real estate.

Carla Rich